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Serve up an ace...strawberries with sparkle!

Ilona Roberts

Cremant de Loire, Brut Rose, Langlois Chateau £12.99
With Wimbledon underway it's time to sit back with strawberries and why not add some sparkle with our favourite Cremant. The Brut Rose is fresh with fine bubbles and fruitiness. An elegant and delicious fizz made entirely with hand-picked Cabernet Franc grapes. An ideal companion for red fruit desserts, iconic for this time of year.
Did you know...As Wimbledon goes through a lot of balls every year, instead of throwing the used balls straight in the bin, they are sent to Surrey Wildlife Trust. They are used as an alternative home for the harvest mouse. The mice are in decline due to a reduction in their habitat, and so they are a threatened species on the Biodiversity Action Plan List.

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