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Being Italian...a way of thinking, creating and living!

Ilona Roberts

Pinot Grigio, Vivolo di Sasso £6.49

Italy means history, art and architecture. Being Italian is about much more than simply being part of a nation: it is a way of thinking, creating, living...and of course eating and drinking! As the summer heats up, our Pinot Grigio is perfect for embracing the Italian lifestyle. Serve seriously chilled, it's a fresh all rounder with gentle elderflower and lemon fruit. Dry on the palate, it's excellent with fish dishes.

From the Venetian vineyards of Botter, the grapes grow in a temperate climate between the sea and the Alps. Today Botter is one of the largest producers and exporters of Italian wines. The company integrates its 100 year old traditions with new visions focused on the future and innovation.

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