Low alcohol and vegetarian in one bottle!

Posted by Ilona Roberts on

Low alcohol and vegetarian...fresh Portuguese flavours!
Vinho Verde, Azevedo £7.99

Lower in alcohol and vegetarian all in one bottle! A vibrant Vinho Verde with apple flavours and mineral notes making a lively accompaniment to seafood. Only 11% abv and the agents used in removing the sediment from the wine are either egg whites or inert clay so perfectly vegetarian friendly.

The classic Albarino grape from Galicia in northwestern Spain becomes Alvarinho when grown just across the border in Portugal but still delivers all the flavours you would expect. The grapes are grown high off the ground on pergolas, unlike traditional short vines, providing shade and air flow to reduce dampness. The Atlantic influenced climate creates a lush green landscape and the granite soils contribute to the wine’s minerality.

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