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Tempting tastes of Tequila

Ilona Roberts

Tequila Corralejo Resposado £35.50

A complex tequila from one of Mexico’s most historic haciendas. It delivers aromas of vanilla and white pepper, whilst on the palate there is rich roasted agave sweetness and a light citrus. Exquisite to sip on its own or use in cocktails.

From their historic home in Guanajuato, Hacienda Corralejo is renowned for its high quality within the tequila industry. It was the first ever estate in Mexico to commercially produce the agave spirit and today Corralejo continue to make tequila using artisanal skills and traditional methods.

Made from 100% Blue Weber agave and distilled twice to capture the spirit's optimum flavour and aroma.

Also new in this week are two more additions for your cocktail cabinet

Rum Matusalem Anejo

Cassis Lejay Original.

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