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Fiano and Primitivo, Miopasso £7.99

With the summer solstice on Friday, we are leaning towards the spiritual and environmental side of life, bringing you two wines this week from Italian eco wine maker Stefano Girelli. The Fiano has fresh and floral honey touches and a crisp citrus finish. Wonderful with seafood. While the Primitivo is robust and yet still silky smooth with a savoury finish. Great with rich, meaty pasta dishes.

The summer solstice celebrates life, growth and the power of the sun. Being close to nature is also important in good wine production. The Wine People is run by Stefano Girelli whose family has been at the heart of Italian winemaking for three generations. They place a strong emphasis on their passion for organic methods. Many of the wines are organic and certainly all of them have been made in a eco-friendly way.

Even if you are not inspired to get in touch with your spiritual side, many of the UK's stone circles are in beautiful locations, so if the stones don't move you the surroundings might!

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