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Pinot Noir, La Umbra £5.99

With a traditional British summer weather forecast for this week, we have a wine that fits whatever the weather. This Pinot Noir is full of surprises. It’s a fresh and elegant red from Romania and great value at £5.99. A classic Pinot Noir with flavours of cherries and raspberries that can be lightly chilled when the sun comes out. Team it up with cold meats, cheese, picnics and buffets…it’s all you need this summer!

La Umbra hails from the Dealurile Munteniei wine region in the Southern part of Romania, where the origin of viticulture is very old, dating back to the 4th century. In Romanian, La Umbra, means shade and was inspired by the Romanian tradition to enjoy fresh, youthful wines whilst sitting in the shade of a large tree in country gardens…perfect for the holidays!

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