Seductive and smooth Chilean sensation

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Seductive and smooth Chilean sensation

Pinot Noir, Montes Limited Selection, £8.99 

The Montes Pinot Noir is a scented and delicate juicy wine with an alluring perfume from sustainable vineyards. With aromas of cherries and strawberries over a floral backdrop of rose petals and wild herbs, it is a great food wine that can be paired with almost anything!

With vineyards in Aconcagua Costa region, the grapes develop under the influence of the sea and cold breezes from the Pacific Ocean allowing the vines to develop a unique elegance and character.

Now managed as a dry farming project, Montes have reduced total water consumption by more than 65%. The vineyards now rely mostly on rainfall to water the vineyards which results in smaller grapes with a higher phenolic concentration producing a more complex wine.

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