On the wilder side...

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Passionate people, wild places...
Jazz up your autumn with these two Aussie characters. Wild & Wilder wines are all about good clean fun and supremely smooth flavours.
The Opportunist sees blue skies and sunshine when everyone else sees gloom and doom. This Shiraz is an aromatic bouquet of ripe fruits and cherries with notes of coffee, dark chocolate and subtle pepper.
The Pugilist fights for what is right with a sense of fair play of a true gent. A Cabernet Sauvignon with an array of perfumed notes of violets, oregano and thyme along with cherry and spice aromas.
Made from great grapes grown by great people!
The Opportunist, Shiraz
The Pugilist, Cabernet Sauvignon
UK retail £11.75  Our Price £9.89

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