Earthy fruity organic bonfire night

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Corbières, Domaine Montmija £9.39

RRP £11.99 

Claude Vialade’s certified organic Corbieres is smooth and attractive with herby red fruit flavours. A great choice for your bonfire night celebration as it’s perfect to serve throughout the meal, with grilled or stewed meat, poultry and game, as well as dark chocolate cakes and of course cheese.

The region of Languedoc Roussillon is the largest producer of organic wines in France where Domaine Montmija’s “organic” history started 35 years ago. As a young girl, Claude Vialade would accompany her father in the vineyards and cellars of the château where he was estate manager. She was fascinated by the winemaking process and used to be told off for dipping her hand in the fermenting vats.

Today, Claude is not only driving organic winemaking on her own estate but offering financial support to local growers willing to move their own production over to organics and will then pay a premium for their grapes.

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